Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Not So Faithful

I haven't been that faithful at posting on my blog just because life has just been too busy.

I've been battling a case of antibiotic mess up with my body and have been feeling quite icky the past few weeks. I'm headed to the doctor tomorrow.

My sister's wedding is getting more and more planned and that isn't too far in the future.

K and I are trying to put some concrete plans together as to what we want to do in the near future with the cabin, baby, etc. :) lots of good stuff.

I'll write more soon....

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Deb said...

FIrst and foremost: take good care of yourself! I'm still having difficulty getting back into your blog...but I'll either figure it out or write the snail mail that's overdue. My love to you. Please tell K. I say hi. Deb XO