Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My First Blog Entry

Who'd ever thought that I'd be blogging? I remember thinking to myself one day "What in the world is a blog!" and then some very precious family members of mine started one for their sailing trip and I got hooked at checking it daily, and now am hooked at checking others daily. My life isn't THAT exciting, but I can post a few interesting things on here, including pictures. :)

On Monday, K and I purchased a cute cabin/shed/cottage at the Seattle Home Show. We will be placing it at Coulee upon destruction, demolition, and a few other things to be done. Here's a "sample" of what it looks like - minus the decks and carport.

Pretty cute huh? We are very excited!!

My parents, sister and boyfriend will be over on our side of the mountains this weekend. We'll be celebrating some birthdays and enjoying each others company - to the best of our abilities.

I'm going to wrap it up here for tonight.....I'll post some pictures soon of various items, including our awesome hike to Orcas Island for those few that haven't got to see them yet!



Erika McInnis said...

Hi Randi,
What an awesome cabin! "some assembly reqired" might be an understatement on this one! :)

I look forward to following your blog and seeing how fun your life is. You may not see the excitement in it, but for those of us who spend the majority of our time chasing babies and changing diapers, we live vicariously through you!

I'm excited to share your journeys! Take care!

** The Krewe ** said...

The cabin looks *so* cozy! Congrats!!