Saturday, February 25, 2006

Chillin' Out

Today I am just chilling out and hanging out! :) Last night we went to Aunt Tom and Uncle Mary's and had some dinner with my parents that are camping out there for a bit! Woke up this morning and got ready and kind of cleaned up a bit. There is talk that DeWayne, Ryan's to-be-officially-engaged-to boyfriend may come and clean our carpets today (YAHOO!) He's a kirby sales man. For those who haven't met him, you'll have the chance to either Memorial Day of the 4th of July. Tonight I think we are going to a silent auction with Jenae. That'll be fun.

Nothing too exciting going on.

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Deb said...

Your expression about chillin' out helps me laugh and know 'Rosa the refrigerator lover' was the cat for you.

I couldn't log in to accept the invite to your blog, but it's now showing me as logged in. Either way I'm punting to post a comment and thank you for the invite.

For starters I'm waving hello to Randi and Kauleen and to the friends and family who also love and appreciate them.

Blessings, Deb