Thursday, April 09, 2009

Work, Work and More Work

We have been working quite a bit of overtime lately! We're super busy, short handed, and to an almost 7 month pregnant person that = EXHAUSTING. I can't do mornings....we've come to realize it throws me off for all day and tends to make more emotional days. K left a bit ago (6:30) after we came home last night and went back to work and stayed until 8:30!

I'm going to have to moderate the overtime a bit I think..... maybe 2 days a week or 4 hours on the weekend. I love my weekends but can do a few hours and seem more rested up then the work week. Today I am tired. To bed after 10:00pm for 2 nights in a row is kicking my butt.

We did get our 10% back so that is very cool.

I'm ready for a vacation...... LIG (which is not necessarily relaxing....... but more of a FUN/EXCITING/ENJOYABLE/MEMORABLE time) which I'm glad I'm doing....because I like to do things for vacation..... and this will be my last hooray before the baby is here... and then before you know it will have the little one with us and I'll be tired but I'll be home for .... and we can all marvel in each other :)

Most that read this, probably read my facebook.........but just in case....... I haven't gotten my gestational diabetes test results back yet. I'm going to call at 9am this morning to get them. We'll see what she says.

May this day go by super fast..........Tomorrow is jeans day and we're having an "Easter Breakfast" with yummy waffles at work......sure wish I could find me a tall pair of tall old navy XL (16) pair of jeans........ for whatever reason they are sold out on their website. oh well.

what a post.........

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Cori's Stories said...

I know. My mom tells me all the time to lay off the internet, but she is the one that made me do it this time. The major problem I AM having, is 0 answers from my doctors. I had to call them yesterday to even get the info I got, and that was very little info. She does not work today, or I would call and talk to her. I will just go in, do the sugar test and call her Monday afternoon. I will give her a few hours on Monday to get the test back.