Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family Time, etc.

We got off early on Friday and picked Dad up in Marysville and headed over for our first trip after winter to Grand Coulee for Easter! :) We got there about 8:15pm, unloaded, hooked up the water, turned on the water........ and water gushed out of our tankless water heater used for one year (last summer). We don't think it froze (had a heater outside the closet door which held the house to approx. 60 degrees all winter) but we did have power to it all winter with no water running into it....... which could've burned the coils. Nonetheless, we have a soggy tub anyways.... so we're just going to go with having some cold running water, a toilet that flushes....... and we're not going to worry about the hot water for now. Nonetheless, it was a bit of a bummer. There is a meeting the end of this month regarding getting the water lines replaced in Coulee (and water added to our area) along with possibly sewer...... if that's the case - we have many more options for what we could do with our "special place".

We woke up on Saturday to SUN! It wasn't expected to be sunny but we were really hoping for some, especially after hearing it was supposed to be kind of rainy at home. It was a windy chilly day but the sun was out all day. We took a walk to Gma and Gpas and had some lunch and then went to the rummage sale and got a few baby clothes at the church and then came home and went out and got some goods for Easter and then celebrated Dad's birthday with yummy chicken, broccoli salad and chocolate cake and ice cream (thanks uncle joe!) IT WAS FANTASTIC!!

Sunday we woke up...... Mom and Dad hid easter bags Ryan, Dewayne, K and I :) it was very fun! K then went and piddled at our place after breakfast, Mom and Dad left for Wenatchee to look at Dad's new digs, and then we met them in Wenatchee for our travels home. It was snowing pretty good on the pass........with some sticking to the road but not too bad! I was a bit stressed before leaving but really it wasn't all that bad. K drives wonderfully :)

I AM IN MY THIRD TRIMESTER and 7TH MONTH! Time is flying by now.... its crazy to think that by the end of June I could have a baby :) I didn't have a very restful weekend..... don't know if that was fear or rodents, lots of peeing, Chuck deciding to be awake at all hours of the night/morning, or just couldn't get comfy. My hips were kind of achy.... so that could've been it too. Nothing too bad honestly.....just didn't seem like a restful nights sleep either night.

We start birth classes on April 22nd :) Birthing from Within.........its crazy to think by the time we're done with them I could just about have the baby! We have lots of plans between now and then and lots of things to get done around the house........painting, etc. We decided to move the cosleeper into the "babies room" and have the baby sleep with us in our new king bed. We'll see how it all works out and what works best for us.........

LIFE IS GOOD CONFERENCE is coming up........ and I'm getting more and more excited for it every day. I wonder how Chuck will like the drumming circle? Amy Steinberg? :) Being henna'd? I just can't wait to hang out with friendly folk.....whom I care for dearly!! :)

I better go help my wife fold the laundry now......

oh and I didn't mention on here only on facebook........ I passed my gestational diabetes test. Yes, thank you, I've been eating whatever the hell I want to. I am going to moderate obviously the bad things (and it really made us aware of carbs!) so that we can make better choices for a healthy, normal size baby.

I'll leave with something I read last night in my Ina May Gaskin Book that I really liked..... and am thinking of starting a "birthing banner" to hang with quotes that will encourage and inspire :)

Rather than thinking in terms of "uterine contractions" think instead of "interesting sensations that require all of your attention"

With that off to fold laundry..........


Cori's Stories said...

Yeah, its about the same. Snacks are 15 carbs ( 2 snacks a day ) and meals are 30-45 carbs, breakfast is 25-30 I think. I have an appointment at Bolt Diabetes Center to get a new meter and get details on what to eat. The one good thing so far is I have not gained too much weight, but I am sure that will end soon.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are in your 7th month already!! Wow! Time sure does fly! That baby will be here before you know it :)

E, E, E, E & L said...

Hey don't count on being able to read your birthing banner while in will have to have it read to you:) My focus went so inside I could remember hearing conversations but in no way was I able to respond to them at least not often...let alone reading anything:)