Friday, April 14, 2006

It's Friday!!

I made it through a week of work and am so happy it's Friday! :) I am still not back to my 100% and still sound stuffy, but I think its allergy season for me now too on top of fighting whatever it was I was fighting. So, Clairton has been my friend! :)

We have decided to do the radiation treatment on dear Susie, and have made her an appointment on May 1st. Bless her little heart. She's a trooper and will pull through many more years I'm sure. :)

We have to do some major grocery shopping this weekend. We are out of food!! We haven't done a good shop in over a month! Money has just been too tight!

Speaking of money, doesn't it really stink that it gets us know where in the huge grand scheme of things? It's all about living greater, bigger, better......but gets no where.

We have quite a few BIG bills to choke up in the next month or 2 and are pinching pennies and trying to cough up gold where we can. We're selling all of our extra goods we can on EBAY - even things we think won't make much! We hope to make it without having to charge things. WE CAN DO IT!!

In June, we start our Community Supported Agriculture Program. We'll be getting fresh, ORGANIC, fruits, veggies and herbs - and also fresh flowers every week until October!! We are so excited. It cost us $235 (approx. $15 a week) and its all over the world. If you want to know more, search CSA or Community Supported Agriculture in your area and see. SOME even deliver!

We had plans to go to my cousins for Easter, but they have all been sick and I cannot afford to be sick and/or BE sick, as we have a lady out for a month due to a surgery. I'm the only one in my department. I HAVE to stay healthy, period. SO, we're going to get us a ham (to eat on for a few weeks!!) and just chill in our jammies!! CANNOT WAIT!!

I guess that's about it for now.........I'll write more soon.

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