Saturday, April 08, 2006

Cloudy Days.....Isn't It Spring??

Today is the perfect day to cuddle up inside and watch CHICKEN LITTLE! (yep, we watched it - yep, I fell asleep! LOL but what I watched was pretty good!) We also rented last night The Squid and the Whale - a pretty good movie I thought, although it was a bit weird. :) More real life than most movies nowadays.

I battled sickness all week. I was home, in bed...resting. I finally broke my fever of 101.2 on Wednesday (bless the anti-biotics) and went to work Thursday and ended up coming home. I had no energy!!!! I decided to just stay at home and take it easy. Guess what? I'M STILL SICK!!!!! I feel quite a bit better, but I have been sick now for almost 2 months. (Between my sinus infection and now what they say maybe have been pnemonia). I JUST WANT TO BE BETTER!!! I will go to work on Monday and then here within the next week or 2 we will be short handed as someone is having a hysterectomy - and gone for 4 weeks! *eeekkk* So, I better stay healthy!!

We took Susie to the vet today as the other day she was having some "kitty tremors". We called it kitty parkinsons. LOL Just her head was shaking and it was pretty scary. Well, 6 months ago, we took her in for a senior checkup and her thyroid levels were high but not over what they would want. 6 months later, they are off the charts and she now has hyperthyroidism. Bless the cat at 16 years old - she's still getting around! She's our most fun cat (and would be more interactive if she could hear) so now we are having the discussion as to how we treat this. There are a few options. A) Pills everyday - not maybe just 1, but maybe 2. SUSIE, is NOT!!!! a good pill taker. She eats it, then spits it out. We are not wanting neccisarily to stay home every day to be able to give her a pill either (and/or depend on someone taking care of her to give her a pill) B) Radioiodine therapy. (we are leaning towards this option). Susie would have to stay in a hospital for 5 nights :o( but chances are it'd be cured 100%. One time shot - no pills. So....................we'll see!

My sister got all moved into her new apartment with the boy. They are liking it.

Memorial Day is not too far away and K and I can't wait to be able to get to the property and do some digging, working and playing. We'll be getting the septic inspected around then too.

I'm going to sign off for now - hope all is well.

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