Tuesday, August 03, 2010

She's THAT Mom

She's that Mom that works 10+ hour days so that one of us can stay home with our son.
She's that Mom that gets to see one SUPER excited kid when she pulls into the driveway.
She's that Mom that is OKAY with nothing getting done around the house, because that's just the way it goes.
She's that Mom that is amazing in the way she be just as kid-like as Rudy is.
She's that Mom that stays up late because the other Mama who can sleep in until 8am can't function until 10pm (when she has to get up at 5am!)
She's that Mom that can feed Rudy AND get him to eat! (I can to, she just gets him to eat a more variety of things)
She's that Mom that spent Sunday morning cleaning out our room, taking down the side-car'ed crib (that she arranged for Rudy to sleep in 2x!) to once again re-arrange and put the beds on the floor.
She's that Mom that reads stories to Rudy every night.
She's that Mom that comes home with more energy to play than I'd imagine ever having.
She's that Mom that will come home, cook dinner, fold laundry, do diapers, water the lawn, pick fruit/veggies and not rest til 9pm....after starting at 5am.

She IS that Mom.


Frank said...

A lovely tribute! You're both that mom!

unschoolingsupermom said...

Nice post! She does a lot around there.

Hope said...

Beautiful! I am so glad you two have each other.