Friday, October 16, 2009

Protect ALL Families in Washington State

We VOTE to APPROVE Referendum 71 to preserve the domestic partnership law and asks that you do the same. This directly affects us and several of my friends, as well as thousands of other same-sex and senior couples/families in Washington State. Please help us to keep our rights.

This is very important to our family especially with the addition of Rudy. As a family we need to be able to get insurance benefits just like other families and even more important with the approval of Referendum 71 is our ability for K to adopt Rudy. Please VOTE TO APPROVE Referendum 71 and help us support our family. We'd appreciate you forwarding this on to all your friends and family in Washington State to help us APPROVE Referendum 71.


Cori's Stories said...

I voted yes!!!!

Frank said...

Looks like it will hold onto a win!