Sunday, August 06, 2006

Musings of a Sunday Afternoon...

I haven't posted anything worth while on here latley, so this may be a long one! :)

I am preparing to have a few days off at work (starting Wednesday P.M.) and cannot wait.

We have a new person starting this week. I am thankful I will not be training her (as of yet). She'll be using my spot upon leaving on Wednesday P.M. She is taking over for someone else in the office who's husband is transferring.

I am very excited about some CD's I was able to purchase through my CD club. I've had to buy 2 CD's but haven't really been able to find many CD's that I'd want (and I have 12 free ones right now!) They should be coming in the mail. I also have bought me a pair of brown "dress-ish" shoes. I have such a horrible time finding shoes (size 11!) and the pair I have is so comfy cozy - even IF cracked to the sole. (I cannot wear in the rain!). I am thinking of having a shoe ceremony to bury them. I also bought another pair of skecher tennis shoes off of ebay. K thinks I am going shoe crazy (which I may be) but when I find shoes - I GOTTA BUY THEM!

I think I'll leave these thoughts here for now......and put other thoughts in emails to people.

Love to all!


Deb said...

Hurrah to the thought of finding shoes and needing to be BUYING THEM.

As another tall girl I was so very pleased to have Nordstrom come into town. Size 11, no problem; 12N for closed toe pumps, also there.

Big shout to tall women and finding shoes that fit!


** The Krewe ** said...

Randi! You must get some Crocs! They are the best, most comfortable shoes ever!! You can find them at lots of places. Nordstrom might be easiest. They're $30/pair for the basic style. Visit to see all the styles and COLORS. Mine are bright sunshine yellow, Frank's are hot pink (what else?), Chloe's are neon green, and MJ's are a lovely baby blue. They also have tame colors. :-)

Maggie said...

I have trouble finding shoes, too, as a 10 1/2 WW and I also loooove my Crocs! :D Great wedding pics! Can we see a pic of your favorite shoes?