Saturday, June 24, 2006

CSA / Fruits and Veggies

We are in the midst of a great time of year. K and I have been able to participate in a program called Community Supported Agriculture and have since June 9, been recieving fresh, organic, veggies, fruits, and etc. It was been exciting to see what we'd get each week. We've gotten a few things that we are still trying to figure out exactly WHAT to do with them (ie, swiss chard!) but we're planning on making something this week. :) This past week, for example, we got: Radishes, scallions, kale, lettuce, raspberries, strawberries, herbs, artichoke and swiss chard. YUM!!! :)

Also, today Kauleen and I went and picked strawberries. We had planned on buying a flat to make jam, but for half the price we could pick our own (and had our own containers). Welll........we ended up picking 30lbs!! (can we say, strawberries coming out our ears!) We'll be freezing them, giving them to friends and family.....and enjoying some jam with them (We already made 4 batches today!).

Off to rest and relax.


TulipGirl said...

We joined the local organic co-op, but recently quit. (It was taking just too much time and gas to pick it up, even though it was in a central location. . .)

Like CSA, there is the unknown variety each week. *Grin* Leads to some adventurous cooking, huh?

KarrFamily said...

Swiss chard is one of our favs here. In fact, it's taken over our whole garden. Just rinse and then cook over medium heat in a big pot, don't need to add any more water, will cook w/just the water left from rinsing. Put lots in as it cooks down really small. Good w/a little melted butter & salt :)

KarrFamily said...

Oh, *blush* btw, karrfamily = Mamaka at gcm