Saturday, May 06, 2006

Long Time No Post!

I am enjoying my peaceful night of being able to piddle on the computer and K is enjoying laying on the couch enjoying her personal time as we state it "frying her brain" on the TV. :) The Mariners won, BTW.

Lot's has been going on latley, A LOT!!

We've had a lady out for going to be a month for a hysterectomy from work and that has been exhausting. (Short-handed, and then people out sick!) There's a lot of work to be done and backlogging to be catching up on.

Did I tell you I have 10 more working days than I am on vacation? :o)
I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

My parents have had great things going for them latley too - with the chance for my dad to retire (and/or kind of have to for medical insurance purposes, long story) so he made the decision to be done in 2008. Well, this week he moved it up to JULY of 2006!!!!! K and I are celebrating with him. Hopefully my parents will get out some and enjoy the outdoors, each other, and just life. They have both worked their butts off to get here - and they better enjoy it! :)

We got the cat (Susie) fixed on May 1st. That was not enjoyable for K. She took her early on Monday A.M. and turned around and had to get her Tuesday P.M. but during rush hour traffic. 1 hour 15 minutes of constant "Meow, meow, meow" on her back kicking the cage, screaming. :o( Poor kitty! She's home now and we sing a little diddy "Radioactive, Radioactive, Radioactive Kat!" :) In about 1 more week we can go back to regular cat litter (now using flushable) and should be good!!

We spent all day in a seminar today. oh joy. I needed the day in lieu for being so sick! :( They did give away 6 IPODS, but guess what? I didn't win one!! Oh well! I learned a lot.

I've been helping with with a Rotary Rose Sale at work too. My boss has deemed me "Rose Secretary" for some reason (although I have nothing to do, nor do I or have I ever planned to attend a rotary meeting?) so I've been helping this older man who used to own a funeral home he sells over 200 dozen. I am inputting into a spreadsheet for him and then come June 8 I will have labels made and we'll deliver all of them. It's been fun but has been VERY time consuming also.

K and I will be celebrating our 5th year together tomorrow. (dating wise). We're gonna go get a pedicure *giggle*.

Peace out!

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